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My Travel Ritual: Smell the roses, literally!

Walking around town and spotting a flower shop is a must-do for me while traveling.  This is especially true if I’m in Europe. Europeans have a knack for displaying flowers, and it’s such a visual treat. In the past year, I’ve gone several times to Stockholm. There’s one such flower shop in the old town of Stockholm that delights me every time I walk by it, even in the dead of winter. A sight not to be missed! Here,  some pictures taken on my recent travels.  


3 comments on “My Travel Ritual: Smell the roses, literally!

  1. Bina
    April 19, 2014

    Absolutely gorgeous, Rajshree!! The one from Karlskrona looks like a painting!

    • Ree
      April 19, 2014

      Thank you, Bina!

  2. Bina
    November 11, 2014

    Rajshree….I have been going through your blog and it is fabulous. I am also discovering a new dimension to the Rajshree I know. You are very chic and sophisticated….put me to shame! I love your writing….it is bubbly and there is no holding back. You better get back to posting again!

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