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A Smorgasbord of Visual Delights!

Here’s a smorgasbord of images taken on my recent trip to Karlskrona, Sweden. I fell in love with Karlskrona – yes, even with its grey and pale hued skies. I loved waking up to the sparkling lights I could see from my hotel room. The Swedes definitely know how to brighten their town and create a magical atmosphere to combat the lack of sunlight. The cozy hotel I was staying at had candles and lamps lit to create a charming ambience.

Walking around the town was a feast to the eyes. Old churches and buildings were strikingly beautiful. I also enjoyed window shopping.  It was such a visual treat to see the stylish arrangements in each window, be it a toy store or a home goods store. There were plenty of cafes to unwind in after strolling through town. One cafe I visited had a window looking out to the frozen Baltic sea. While sipping a delicious cup of cappuccino, I stared out at the white playground and saw people cross country skiing, skating, or simply walking over the frozen water. The locals say that the sleepy village comes to life during the summertime, and that I should really see it then.  But I had no regrets about the timing of my visit and in fact, I feel lucky to have enjoyed the winter beauty of Karlskrona.

p.s. I was writing this post on my iphone sitting in my car waiting in line to pick up my daughter after school: I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock, my daughter would be coming out any sec. But I was done with my writing. Wow, that’s was good multi-tasking, don’t you think? (sorry, I used artistic license to post my article on the daily prompt!)

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