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Escape to Sea!

It’s one of those nights when I am having a nightmare of sorts. I am running away from my fear in a strange place. It looks like I’m running in a tunnel or wait, it’s probably a music hall. Oh, what luck! Suddenly I find myself in front of  a door.  Quick, need to open it to escape. Guess what? As it’s a nightmare, it takes forever to open the door. I finally open it and, lo and behold, what do I see? An escape to sea! Wow, how did that nightmare end up in a path to the sea! I’m all at sea!

escape to sea

5 comments on “Escape to Sea!

  1. djmatticus
    December 20, 2012

    The sea: a sanctuary for some and a continuation of a nightmare for others. Though, I guess that’s true of most things in life. For me, opening a door that lead to the sea would not be an escape… I think I watched Jaws at far too young an age.

    • Ree
      December 20, 2012

      Thanks for you comment. I understand what you mean. As a child, watching Jaws was an unnerving experience for me too. But luckily, my recent beachside vacations have erased my childhood fear of seeing sharks lurking in the sea.

      • djmatticus
        December 20, 2012

        I’ve lived near the beach for 13+ years now, and while it won’t keep me from going into the water, I’ve never really gotten over that childhood fear. I can avoid the “needing a bigger boat” scenario but avoiding the need for a boat to begin with!

  2. cshowers
    December 20, 2012

    I like happy endings. 🙂 Very good.

    • Ree
      December 20, 2012

      Me too. Thank you for stopping by.

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