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My ideal Saturday morning: Coffee and Sunrise

On a perfect Saturday morning, I wake up without an alarm. My eyes open with a sense of urgency to  enjoy the beautiful day ahead of me. But before getting out of bed, I listen to the birds chirping or the pitter patter of rain — and if all is still and calm — I simply think about the beautiful sunrises I might have seen recently. Here’s one such sunrise I saw from my office window a few weeks ago.


That scene was simply gorgeous, wasn’t it? After brushing my teeth, off I go to make a lovely cup of coffee. This coffee making ritual is almost like an art form for me. First, I fill the kettle with water and wait for it to whistle. In the meantime, I heat up some milk in a small milk jug and add espresso to the French cafetière. Oh, I forgot to mention that all this time, my best friend is following me around and waiting patiently for his breakfast. He seems to know my coffee making routine better than I do — knows exactly when I will open the laundry room door to get his food. While my tail wagging friend is enjoying his breakfast, I pour myself a cup of coffee and go to some favorite corner in the house to enjoy it. Voilà, that’s my perfect Saturday morning!


2 comments on “My ideal Saturday morning: Coffee and Sunrise

  1. Roopa
    December 22, 2012

    Truly sunrise and sunset are the most beautiful hours of the day and I love the saying ” the sunrise is Gods greeting -the sunset, his signature”

  2. Ree
    December 22, 2012

    That’a a great saying, roopa!

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