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Los Roques – an undiscovered Caribbean jewel!

This past summer, I had to take my teenage daughter along with me on a business trip to Caracas. Because she was grounded to the hotel room for three days, I had to make it up to her somehow. So it was a weekend jaunt to Los Roques, off the coast of Venezuela. It turned out to be an ideal place for a mother-daughter getaway.
Our adventure began when we flew in a tiny aircraft to the archipelago. The flight itself was a one of a kind experience. Our destination was the main island, Gran Roque, where we stayed in a charming posada.  It was tempting to just laze around the cosy inn. But we also wanted to lounge on the beach and get that sun-kissed look. Off we went on a boat each day during our stay to one of the uninhabited islands. The beautiful blue water, with small boats scattered around and kite surfers on the horizon, was a sight for sore eyes. My daughter and I walked, talked and giggled on the pristine beach. It suddenly felt like we were in paradise. And to add some thrill, we went snorkeling in a nearby shallow coral reef and saw magnificent fishes. Nothing beats this fantastic experience of swimming with marine life! At the end of day we loved the “wow” moment of watching a sunset.
While flying back to Caracas, I nervously looked down on the archipelago and said to my daughter “Heaven on Earth.”

Sun, Sea and Sand!


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